Three Things to Know About a Before- and After-School Program at a Daycare

Getting children to and from school can sometimes be difficult for working parents because they have to go into work before their children leave for school and do not get off of work until after their children have gotten out of school. If you have a child that needs to go to school, but you are not able to take them or pick them up, consider sending them to a daycare that offers before- and after-school care. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know about these types of programs.

Discounted Rate for the Care

When your child only comes to the daycare before and after school, the daycare often charges a lesser rate than the rate they charge for children who are there all day long. The rate will be based off of the time that your child is actually receiving care. There is often a separate rate for children who just come after school and children who come before and after school.

The Daycare Can Get Your Child to and from School Safely

Many daycares have vans that they use to transport children to and from school. The vans have seatbelts built into them to keep your child secure while he or she is traveling in the vans. Many schoolbuses do not have seatbelts built into them, so riding in a daycare van will actually be safer for your child than riding a school bus. The drivers will be required to have a clean driving record to ensure that children are as safe as they can be at all times when traveling in the vans.

Have a Place to Take Your Child During Summer or Winter Breaks

When your child is on vacation from school, you will need to find them a place to go so that you can still work. The daycare will more than likely open full-day programs for times when kids are out of school so that they can get the care that they need. Since your children will already be familiar with everyone at the daycare, this can often make them feel more comfortable transitioning to having a full day at the center.

Many daycares have a limited number of spots available in their before- and after-school programs, so it is best to enroll your child in a center like Lily Pond Child Development Centers as soon as possible. You can tour the daycare and ask questions about the facility before signing your child up for the program to ensure that you feel as comfortable with it as you possibly can.