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3 Types of Hygiene Children Learn From a Kids Hygiene Book

Has your child picked up their daily hygiene tasks, or they appear to be struggling? Every parent desires to have independent children who are happy to handle the basic hygiene tasks as they grow older. However, not all children adapt fast, so it's always essential to ensure they get the help they need if your teaching method doesn't work. One reliable solution you can consider is buying a kid's hygiene book. Read More 

Give Your Child The Preschool Experience

When you are looking for a preschool for your child, there are four things to consider. The school should be a safe place. Your child should be respected. There should be experiences that will enrich your child's mind. Your child should have positive experiences interacting with other children. Safety — When you visit preschools in your area, find out what the plan is in regard to keeping strangers away. Find out if there are fire drills and if there are fire extinguishers in strategic places. Read More 

A Different Kind Of Teaching: The Pros And Cons Of Montessori Schooling

Education is as old as humanity itself, as parents have passed down the knowledge they have – from foraging and fighting to farms and factories – to help their children get a leg up in the world for as long as humans have been able to learn simple skills. Nowadays, there are as many theories about the best kind of education and the best way to teach children as there are stars in the sky, with one of the more popular being Montessori schools. Read More 

How to Help Prep Your Child for Daycare

The transition to going to daycare can be a scary time for children (and for some parents), especially for kids that haven't been away from mom and dad before. To help prep them for daycare (and for school), it's important to keep it a positive experience so they'll want to go to daycare rather than dread it each day. See below for helpful tips to prepare your child for daycare. They can be beneficial for you as the parent as well. Read More 

Three Reasons To Sign Your Autistic Child Up For Swimming Lessons

If you've been looking for a summer activity for your child with autism, you should think about signing him or her up for swimming lessons. Swimming is actually a beneficial activity for kids with autism for many reasons. Here are a few benefits of swimming lessons to help you decide if it is right for your child. Swimming can soothe sensory processing issues. Since kids on the spectrum often have trouble processing different types of sensory input, finding areas that are easy on their senses is important. Read More