A Dog In The Daycare: Five Benefits Children Get From Having Dogs At Their Daycares

When choosing a daycare service for your child, you may be looking for a number of different things. However, one thing you should consider seeking is a daycare with a dog. Dogs offer a range of benefits to their human companions, and having a dog in the daycare can offer the following benefits to your child:

1. Stress reduction

When humans of all ages are around dogs, it lowers their stress levels. If your child is anxious about being away from you or nervous about all of the noises and activity at the daycare, the presence of a dog can help to alleviate those stresses.

Additionally, when people are around dogs, they naturally produce more serotonin. Don't you love the idea of your child filling up with the body's happy hormones while at daycare?

2. Extra exercise

When children are around a dog, they get to take it on walks and play fetch with it. These activities encourage your child to exercise, and if you don't have a dog at home, the novelty of the day care dog may be even more of an incentive to your child.

In addition to making your child happier and healthier, exercise can also wear him out and help you avoid the dreaded bedtime battles at the end of the day.

3. Connection With Natural World

Whether you live in the midst of nature out in the country or in the middle of a concrete urban sphere, a dog gives your child another chance to connect to the natural world. Whether those opportunities are already plentiful or scarce in your life, your child will benefit from any connection with the natural world and nature.

4. Emotional Education

School or daycare shouldn't just be about rote learning and coloring in the lines; ideally, your child should be getting an emotional education as well. Spending time with dogs helps children in that it boosts their empathy, encourages them to be more nurturing, and shows them how to be more caring.

5. Safety

A dog can also offer your child a feeling of safety at the daycare. However, in order for you to ensure the dog can provide this element, meet him or her before enrolling your child in the daycare. If possible, consider choosing a daycare that has a dog who has completed training classes or a dog who is specifically trained to be a therapy dog or to work with young children.